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April 56h 2017

+ Made the text clearer to read and cleaned up the index page.
+ Changed my screenname to my current one.
+ Many of the fan videos' links don't work anymore as I shut down my fan video website long ago. I'll try to re-upload them somewhere soon.
+ New Guestbook is now up. As the old one's providder shut down long ago.

August 2nd 2011 - I just organized the Fan Video section so it wouldn't look and feel so stuffed. Nnow you get the video descriptions when you hold your mouse over the link.

January 14th 2010 - 1 new Fan Video;
Lestat to Marius - Everything But You.

January 4th 2010 - I changed the name of this site and in this added section 'The Site' I explain why and why that particular name, amongst other things.

November 21st 2009 - >My genuine reaction on Warner Bros's The Queen of the Damned film F.A.Q. Don't worry - I remained very constructive and relatively calm and even do AGREE with them in some things - so it's not like I'm mindlessly bashing them or anything.

November 11th 2009 - 2 new Fan Videos; Lestat to Marius - You (Philip Maciel) and Marius to Lestat - Keep Holding On [Cover].

November 10th 2009 - New drawing I made; "Changes". In Traditional Fan Art.

November 6th 2009 - True relationship's significance; Added the 6th and 7th paragraphs (the last two in the subsection), they're adding to the 5th paragraph.
1 new Fan Video; Lestat & Marius Tribute - Sorry Love Daddy / In My Arms / A Child In My Eyes.

October 26th 2009 - 1 new Fan Video; Daddy issues and stalkers (Marius&Lestat and Jesse&Lestat).

October 18th 2009 - 1 new Fan Video; Lestat & Marius - You And I Were Made For This.

October 7th 2009 - 1 new Fan Video; Lestat & Marius - Remember Me This Way.

September 15th 2009 - I've been lately so passionately been accused a homophobic for various not-so-valid reasons, of which one is that I don't see Lestat & Nicki and Lestat & Louis as gay lovers. So, I wrote a very through article about my view on the Lestat & Nicolas relationship and while doing that, I also made my views and thoughts on the gay themes of The VC more clear. I am not a homophobic. I have never been: Here - start from the 9th paragraph.


September 5th 2009 - Whether Lestat should look around 20sh or older has been debated forever. Especially these days, it's become a big deal and I see Lestat could look either 20ish or older just as possibly both. To this conclusion I have become when taking an indepth look into everything Anne Rice has, as well as has not, said about Lestat's age throughout the years: HOW OLD LESTAT SHOULD LOOK LIKE?

August 26th 2009 - 1 new Fan Video; Lestat to Marius - It Is You (I Have Loved).

August 24th 2009 - In Books VS. Movie - Me & The Movie; I was inspired to write an indepth analysis of the Queen of the Damned film as an adaptation and as an independent film. Start from the third paragraph that states "Going in depth" with caps and bolded font and go on until I say "This film really is more a pain than entertainment."

August 22nd 2009 - I wrote an article on Anne Rice's vampires: Love and sexuality, after having an e-mail discussion with her, having bacome frustrated enough with the whole damn gay/lovers hype there is on The Vampire Chronicles and I wanted to know her means on the matter.

August 18th 2009 - Film: Why The Changes? - "Lestat's Maker"; Added points 5 and 6 (yes, I've numbered them now) - analysing how it is very well probable Marius could've found Lestat had Magnus not got to him first and why Marius would offer Lestat the Dark Gift. I also added a lot to the point number 4 about turning Lestat against his will.

July 25th 2009 - I go more indepth into how the change in Lestat's maker from Magnus to Marius, would and would not affect Lestat as a character. Film: WHy The Changes? - "Lestat's Maker"; Look into the last X, the red one - the 3rd paragraph beginning "Of course he wouldn't..." and read until the last paragraph.

July 21st 2009 - 1 new Fan Video - An advertisement video for this fan site that also could pass as a Lestat Tribute.

July 8th 2009 - It's my 25th birthday today and I was surprised by a staff member/friend on BAM with a birthday card. That I added to the main page of Fan Art & Videos. (:

July 17th 2009 - My Top 3 reasons for adoring this relationship and right after it on my opinions on AU fan art & jokes.

July 4th-6th 2009 - 2 new Fan Videos - One in dedication to Anne Rice, with one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard; Lestat to Marius - One More Time. And another is a multifandom video with Marius & Lestat as a big part of it, to Skillet's song Whispers In The Dark.

June 26th 2009 - My Top3 favorite father-son relationships (of which Marius & Lestat are number one), to some of my favorite father-son songs. This was very pleasent to make and I think turned out very sympathetic. So, a new Fan Video.

June 4th 2009 - 1 Fan Video; Lestat & Marius VS. Jesse - Lestat's Real Love; Making it very clear through clips, music, songs and my own comments on the clips - what Marius meant to Lestat in the film and what Jesse meant to him. And in the end how ridiculous the film's ending is seeing to that. Naturally it's just my point of view but it's very in-depth thought out so give it a good thought.

June 2nd 2009 - 1 Fan Video; Lestat to Marius - Hear Me.

May 29th 2009 - 1 Video; Lestat to Jesse - Had Enough. A Lestat & Jesse hate video but also strongly a Lestat & Marius fan video. Please read the longer description first.

May 28th 2009 - I linked to a page, where I clarify very in-depth, my opinions on gay liberation in general and on the gay visions with The Vampire Chronicles. People must have noticed my strong oppose to the gay visions on The Vampire Chronicles and in that new section you'll find all about why this is - and hopefully understand where I come from and where I stand. The link is found in every part where the topic is brought up in critisizing tone.

May 26th 2009 - To My View's In-Depth View, 2 quotes about soulmates. First by Nicholas Sparks and then by Ilana Simons. The names are in smaller font, so you ought to spot them easily and they've to do with the analyzing in the paragraph(s) above them..

May 23rd 2009 - 1 Fan Video; Lestat, Marius & Jesse - Forsaken. Shooting down the film's bullshit vision. Pointing out how it in fact was Marius who made Lestat happy in the shados and what Lestat really would've liked to do with Jesse.

May 15th 2009 - Because so many don't see Stuart Townsend's potential to play a true version of Lestat - I have gone very detaily in-depth on why I personally and so many others, do see he's got the potential. So here: Stuart Townsend's potential for tue Lestat.; I explain it very much reasoned.

May 7th 2009 - 1 new Fan Video; Lestat - Stupid In School [The Brat Prince Version]. Audio edited to fit the idea, so it's not the same as the joke originally is. Please read the description before watching! Audio from the stand-up comic Brian Regan.

May 4th 2009 - Added:
X To My View's IN-DEPTH VIEW; Paragraphs 6,7, 8, 9 & 10.
X To My View; IN-DEPTH VIEW THROUGH SONGS, linking to the 5 top fan videos I've made that capture this relationship's depth and strength the best.
X To Books VS. Movie; About Anne Rice's vampires and sexuality.

April 29th-May 1st 2009 - 2 new Fan Videos; Marius to Lestat - All That I Am & Lestat to Marius - Everything. And to My View section, Over-All part - the 3rd paragraph to give you more in-depth over-all reason for my absolute adoration of this relationship.

April 26th 2009 - I orginized the Lestat section and added a part where I reason how and why Lestat is not gay in the first place either, while I've always reasoned why he's purely father and son thing with Marius. But he's not gay individually either.

April 23rd-25th 2009 - Added to Books vs. Movie section, to the On The Ending and Lestat & Marius part: the 2 last paragraphs about how with certain something the film's ending would've been very impressive.
- Also to the same section I added The Film Scenes VS. The Books Scenes.
- And, I've now coloured all my drawings in the Fan Art & Videos. The future ones I will colour with much more care so the colours will be stronger, those I just wanted out in colours as soon as possible.
- Added to Fan Videos, a Tribute to Anne Rice, Lestat, Marius, Louis & Claudia - that's trying to bring the books story alive as much as possible - also including Louis and Claudia.

April 19th 2009 - 2 new drawings of my own work, to the Traditional Fan Art. "Marius's Answering Machine" and "Comfort".

April 18th 2009 - Ok, so I have now looked into The Vampire Armand and I'm not so confused anymore with all the film, TVL & QOTD book Marius and some fan art suggestions of Marius's personality. While most of the basic points already have been there for a time, I have now almost completely re-written Film - Why the Changes? section's Marius & Raising Lestat part - as now I was finally able to make it all the more in-depth and clear.

April 14th 2009 - I edited the Film: Why the Changes? section here and there; esplained significant points that I'd forgotten to mention, msotly about Marius as Lestat's maker (how turning Lestat against his will isn't out-of-character really) and how the film's image of the relationship lacks also the physical affection in significant level.

April 11th 2009 - New Fan Video "Lestat & Marius - Far Away". And 1 new link exchange; Stephen Moyer Online.

April 8th 2009 - I moved the "Movie Scripts" into the "Film: Why The Changes?" section. So it's not gone, just combined.

April 3rd-5th 2009 - 2 new Fan Videos. To song "Here I Am" by Bryan Adams, the shorter, more childlike version. And to another song from Spirit. "Je reviendrais vers toi" - the french version of "I Will Always Return". I put english translations to the video as it goes.

April 1st 2009 - Sorry to say nothing new on actual topic content now - I just want to inform of couple of things: The News section is gone for as long as there's no more news type of stuff related to Lestat & Marius, reaching my ears, the T.B.K Performance Groups, who did the "I Am Lestat" performance (which I hear was a great success), has decided to quit business - but link to their web page remain in the Link(s) section as long as their site is up. And, also I added to Link(s), a link to Muvida Group's blog-website. They've been helping me with the publicity and informing of this site's exsistance and purpose - check it out - they wish to help people.

March 16th 2009 - To Books vs. Movie section, I added my comments on the Lestat & Marius scenes in the film.

Older update marks deleted. Chances are nobody needs them anyway anymore.

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