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The Artist's comments on the DeviantArt side usually clarify the art better, I thank you to read them after observing the art iitself. I make other Vampire Chronicles art too, but here I link only the ones including Lestat and Marius, so you may want to check my DeiantArt profile to see all of my work.

x NEW! Changes
Based off a Garfield comic strip. I just had to do this. ;D
x Comfort
Inspired by a certain line from Lestat to Marius and by a Garfield comic strip.
x Marius's Answering Machine
Way too much text but fanfiction stories are prohibited, so tthis is the only way. Marius has serious troubles taping his answering machine message because of the Brat Prince.
x Lestat's Snow Angel
Got this idea from a Simpson's episode that I saw long ago, where that happened to Homer. I just think that fits Lestat perfectly. Couldn't resist drawing it.
x Lestat, the little imp
Me and my friend have been joking about all the characters ending up to psychiatrist because of Lestat. So I draw about it but had a more tragic vision. Not all character of course are included due to limmited space. From left to right: Gabrielle, Louis, Armand, David, Lestat and Marius.
x Lestat the Marius Fan-Boy
A vision I got when I noticed Lestat's obsessive tone about Marius in the books and when I talked about it, someone said "Lol, yes, Lestat is a Marius fan". So, this is what formed into my mind.

x Too Old
(by ~viol at deviantART)

Lestat's over 200 years old, yet Marius needs a certain guide in raising him.
x QOTD Blooper
(by ~Miyucchi at deviantART)

Lestat's interviewing Marius about how the man felt while being prisoned in the ice & our beloved brat is soon urged to make an "innocent" remark on Marius's age. Which was a huge mistake. I find this hilarious.

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