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Name: The Secret of Eternity (January 4th 2010 - never to change.)
Old Name: Because I Said So (October 9th 2008 - January 4th 2010)
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The name I had the hardest time to choose in the first place so I came up with that ulrimate parental cliche. But I was never too pleased with it not having to do directly with Lestat and Marius and aso being too long. When I first opened this site, I hadn't read the books and later when I had, I just didn't bother to change the name as I believe site names shouldn't change to avoid confusion and I just hoped I'd get used to it. Well, I didn't.

I realize the new name isn't any shorter, but it has everything to do with Lestat and Marius. It's from my all time favorite Lestat and Marius moment from the books. The one where they first meet and speak to each other:

'And this creature, this powerful vampire, was holding me upright and looking into my eyes, and I believe that I said some mad thing, voiced some frantic thought, that I knew now the secret of eternity. "Then tell it to me," he whispered, and he smiled. The purest image of human love.'
Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

The focus; As is stated more indepthly in the Lestat & Marius section's 'The True Relationship's Significance' subsection, this site focuses on the father-son element of the relationship because it's a very, very vital part of the ralationship, if not the essence - while the relationship in itself is a very, very vital part of The Vampire Chronicles - and the whole relationship - especially the father-son element, seems to be underappreciated and ignored in the fandom. This site's trying to cast light on how important it all is, through indepth analysis, as well as to share my love for and thoughts and views about it.

Site opened October 9th 2008
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