In Memoriam of Barty Crouch Jr. - What could've been?


In my opinion it was a wrong move of Rowling to throw away such a brilliant and potential character only few pages after he just really got into the picture and we got to know him a bit better. Crouch Junior, if given a chance, could have brought so much more to the Harry Potter saga. His sweet insanity, and his bitterness was one of a kind, in a way. And yet, seeing he obviously wasn't rotten through - wasn't all evil and emotionless, if you think of how he begged and pleaded his father to not semd him to Azkaban and when that didn't work he turned to beg his mother to knock some sense into the father's head… All of this of course has been interpret just a great acting skills but as I say in the Crouch Jr. Who? section's Analytic subsection - it probably wasn't but a genuine fear and distress. His heart could've still belonged to his daddy, until the father disowned him and sent him to Azkaban for life. That is bound to deeply hurt and affect any relationship.

The reasons why he tortutred the Longbottoms in the first place - (if he even did, the book does not even confirm that) - could've been hate driven and so deliberate that he would never regret it or just youthful foolishness in a great desperation, which he might have become to regret (until his mental health developed into hopeless sickness by Azkaban and 13 years under the Imperius Curse.) But we must also take notice that the book does NOT confirm he even took part in the torture. In fact, it does th complete opposite. It implies not only in Junior's own words but also in Dumbledore's, in Harry's, (and also in Sirius' if I remember correctly), that he may not have been invovlved. Was Jo trying to tell us something with that or just creating suspence? Who knows.

SO - quite likely he was not so evil and fanatic in the first place but turned into a monster in the end but as no one ever changes throughly... He truly did have a lot to give.

He was such an utter worshipper for Voldemort in the end... I'd have loved to see how Voldemort would've greeted that and his success in the plan. And personally I would've also loved to see how Bellatrix Lestrange would have taken the fact that someone else possibly made it to be Lord Voldemort's number one Death Eater, that someone else got the chance to do such a huge favour to him - and succeeded!

Of course, there's a silver lining in this dark cloud too. Like Rowling has said - the reason why she will never write a prequel to the series is because we already have all the bases we need. The fact that Rowling didn't want to write more about him and what she did write about him is done so… well, she gives it so that it gives the fan fiction so much possibilities you might not even know how to use. Even though very few views in the end stay logic, of course. As someone once well said, an interpretation can easily turn into a reader's fantasy instead of a serious analysing of the character and the author's possible meanings. I believe I have dug deeper into this character than most other fans - now that does not necessarely make me right about him but surely it should make my interpretation worth giving a serious thought to.


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