In Memoriam of Barty Crouch Jr.


Here I have some facts, my thoughts and indepth analysis, and my own interpretation of this brilliant but over-looked and somehow forgotten character from the Harry Potter saga by J.K. Rowling.

- Kieran

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+ New guestbook, finally. The old one's service closed down months ago.

Also - it's been four years?! I have still been active in the Harry Potter fandom but mainly focusing on my original characters. Never forgot about Barty Jr. though, just haven't been active on his case. Maybe I get back to him soon, and anyway I'm always happy to discuss him. :)

And this site still has this crappy 2008 design. I'll give this a little face lift at some point. Also, most of the texts are from 2005-ish as in from when I was much younger. At some point I'll read them through and see if something needs rephrasing and grammar correcting. :)

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