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"For a player who looks for the inspirational aspects of Harry Potter's magical world combined with everyday life and relationship sentiments, this game is an excellent option! The wide variety of creatures gives more free hands in interpreting the world outside the school and brings more depth to the game."
~ Acha, Mustesoihtu -> the full review

This is a play-by-post forum roleplaying game based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. The era and the extensive information package make sure that anyone who's interested can enjoy playing here! We also have a wide variety of well-established magical creatures available, fantastic beasts of which many you can create as a character and many more you can use for game events and character visions!

We live mainly the time period the books skip over - generally the 1980s and early '90s - we'll see how the society healed from the long war, and what happened when in the summer of 1992 a rumour spread that the Boy Who Lived battled Voldemort inside Hogwarts! In addition to the final two years of the first wizarding war, in this RPG even muggles, and the everyday life and festivities or wizarding families can stand out. This era and setting provides almost endless possibilities for your characters!


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17. Feb 2020

+ Changed the forum theme/skin, it's clearer and more modern now.

+ Added a guest friendly cbox for questions and feedback, there in the bottom right corner of this website and also embedded it on the board's side. And I made the Suggestions & Questions forum guest friendly too.


+ I updated information about vampires' eating possibilities, (paragraphs 3 and 4.)
+ And updated information about how owl post functions, (paragraphs 1 through 6.)

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