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WELCOME / SITE MAP - Kieran - 06-23-2020

Hello, guest, welcome to the board! Smile

The Lion King's epic, timeless story has been beloved for decades, but we're here to explore what might have been if the king didn't die. This is a play-by-post Lion King AU RPG based on only the 1994 movie. Everything else is our own fan visions and you're welcome to become a part of this fun passion project!

The threads you need to read through before joining:

the plot, site lore, and world details.

the site rules regarding both in-game and OOC activity.

Canon List
if you want to apply for a canon character, check if it's available.

Joining Guide
steps for how to join & the application form.

* * * *

Whilst you consider your character ideas, you could...

Take a look at our colourful cast!
Approved character apps are here.

Wanted Ads
See if there's anything here
that inspires you.
(Currently empty.)

Plotting & Planning
Here may be intriguing plot offers.
(Currently emty.)

* * * *

We have a Discord server, but joining it is optional.
We also have a cbox embedded on the index page and
every page has a cbox button to open and close in the right hand corner.
Either can be used for questions and OOC chatting.
(Prismatic Fate is Dumbari on Discord.)

If you ever have suggestions concerning this rpg or site,
you can bring it up in the Suggestion Box
or on the suggestions channel of our Discord.

Have fun! Smile

- Kieran & Prismatic Fate