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~ You're free to announce absences of any length, but do at least of any over a month. So you may be inactive up to 4 weeks without an absence announcement, but if you're frequently inactive for many weeks at a time - especially when it comes to game-posting, I'll send a friendly e-mail notification. I'll give one week to respond and then if there's no signs of interest I'll delete your accounts and archive your characters and game events.

I deal with inactivity on case-by-case terms and fairly.
What does this mean?

~ Activity that counts towards not getting the e-mail, is any activity at all. All character development methods (plotting, planning, character extras, game-posting, etc.) count and so does OOC discussion. But of course, as this is a roleplaying game, reasonable game posting activity is expected and it should be a priority in character development methods.

~ Unfinished applications are deleted after three weeks, uless you have notified me about a valid reason why you can't finish it in that time.


Write only in english to the best of your ability.


~ After the application has been approved, if you make huge / deeply impacting changes or additions to the character run them by me first.

~ If you haven't registered the character within two weeks of me having approved the app, the possible play-by will be released for anyone to claim. And so will the character if it's a canon.

~ You can have a play-by also for a side character, but in such case only for those who appear a lot in the game events alongside your main character, such as parents or siblings. If you choose a play-by like that, link to it in your main character's bio or send a separate smaller application for the side character.

~ You need to fill in the side character application only if you might play any game events with them separated from the main character. If you start playing a lot of separate games with a side character you should turn them into a main character by sending the main application. Side characters are played on the main character's account.


Rating 3-2-2 translates to:
* Language (3 - Swearing and mature language is permitted. * Sex (2 - Sexual content is permitted with some limitations. Simply don't get extremely graphic.
* Violence (2 - Explicit violence is permitted. Just don't get extremely graphic.

- And if you write sex scenes of any rating level between characters and you are an adult, attempt to ensure that your writing partner is also at least 18 years old. There must not be sexual RPing between adult and under-aged players even if it is using their fictional characters.
- This is a Harry Potter site and the board is 99% public; therefor even little children may end up reading our game events without us ever knowing...There is no need to figure out specific ratings for threads but if you feel your story's or game event's content is disturbing and graphic then slap the "MATURE" prefex on it from the drop-down menu next to the title field. It will hide that tthread from guest viewing but leave it normally accessable to any registered member. Also, any thread with mature themes must include proper and clear warnings in the first post.


Avatars & Signatures

~ Avatars are allowed but not mandatory. Character account avatar must be a picture of the character or their play-by, and OOC account's can be anything as long as it's child friendly. No animated (gif format) avatars. Maximum size is: 150px wide, 250px high.

~ Signature can be at the most 100px high. Images are not allowed.

Using images:

~ You don't have to use any images for your character at all. But in that case the text description should be especially detailed so that we could get a lively vision of the character's appearance.

~ You can draw the character's picture, or create it with ie. Sims. The only rule is that it looks relatively realistic and we can get a clear vision of its appearance and physical characteristics. This means no manga style drawings.

~ If you use photos of a celebrity, always fill in the Play-by field in the application, and include a disclaimer that you don't own the photos but they belong to all their rightful owners and that it's non-profit use.

~ You may use only a celebrity's photos for a play-by, and only official or paparazzi releases - nothing from their private albums.

~ In the character's bio you may use animated (gif format) photos, but please don't over-do it.

~ In the character's bio you may have as many images as you want as long as they're reasonable sized seeing to the amount and as long as there's more text than images.

~ One character may have at the most two different celebrities as a play-by; one for the child version and one for the adult version. They must resemble each other enough for the "growth" to be believable. Two play-bys is allowed only for main characters.


Respect other players and their opinions, no matter what. If you have a problem with someone try talking to the person first, politely and privately. If you can't come to an understanding or if you don't feel comfortable handling the situation yourself, then contact me and tell me what's going on and I'll try and help the both of you as best I can.



Anything that affects the rules of magic or the universe as a whole in a significant way/amount and isn't from the books, should be run by me first before writing it in.

Tense and person

You can write in either past or present tense, whichever suits you. But all game posts must be in the third person.

Ie. In his cupboard under the stairs Harry woke up to aunt Petunia's screaming, but at first all he could think of was the strange dream he'd had again. About a flying motorcycle and a green flash of light.


You can't control another player's character as if it was your own ; can't decide its words, thoughts, emotions or reactions. And you can't move it around like your own, your character has to touch the other character accordingly in order to move them anywhere.

Your character can touch another player's character almost in any way, even hurt them, without needing permission first. The restrictions are; you can't kill or cause permanent damage without permission. If the character's player asks to, any god-modding has to be removed.


Nobody's perfect or invincible. Your character can't avoid hits forever or be the best at everything, everyone makes mistakes, and even the strongest have their weaknesses and tolerance limits.

Number of game events at once

You can play with one character in as many game events at once as you wish, as long as they remain logic seeing to the timeline and cause-effects.

Gaming order

Game events advance in whatever order the characters arrived into it, unless otherwise discussed among the participators.

Participating in a game event

If the first game event post includes mentions of players' or characters' names as participators, it's been planned between them and no one else is allowed to step in.

Double posting

Don't double post in a game event unless you have two of your characters in it, but even then you must switch accounts. Or you could just write both characters in the same post instead.

Solo RPs

Make sure that the story posted on the Solo RP forum doesn't contradict this rpg's canon. If I notice that it does, I will move the story to a hidden Archive forum.
You're always welcome to discuss the problems with me to see if we can solve them and then have the story be a part of this game's universe.

Also, if you include book characters in your story you must be ready to accept that all the details in your story may not be the head-canon of a possible future player of that canon character, and thus you may need to change the story more or less at that point.

Game posts

~ At the top of the first post, mark the date and week day when the event takes place. In example; 24th of December 1987, Tuesday. If you've planned the event with someone, mark also who you're waiting for.

~ Out-of-character discussion/notes should be between brackets ([ ]) or similar, at the top or bottom of the post.

~ Characters' speaking/lines between double quotation marks.

~ No stars (* *) or anything like that.

~ Make an effort to write a good length story portion. Meaning, we'd prefer if your average post was more than a few lines. There's no minimum word count as this is not supposed to be homework, but this also is not a rapid-fire posting game so we ask you to avoid constant one/two liners. After all we are on a forum, not in a chatroom.
If you can't think up what to write or how to advance the plot, search for inspiration and of course you can always discuss about the game with the other player via private messages.

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